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Music is my life. I love with all my heart. I stand out as much as possible. I love life. Haters make me famous. I'm my own person. <3

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Luke petting michael’s head in any circumstances (x)

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I just unfollowed someone because they called Michael ugly. Let me tell you something, Michael is the most adorable, cuddly, wanna be punk rock there is okay. He is beautiful not ugly and he has saved so many lives for being the way he is. So if you cant see how beautiful he is then fuck off and stay the fuck away me and my tumblr.

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@Michael5SOS: I dedicate this song to food

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you don’t have to be following me, but it would be much appreciated.

must have a face or about me page (or send me a description of yourself)

reblog this and send me a question, ship, or pun/cheesy pickup line.

you will receive:

a ship (5sos, 1d, atl, emblem3, youtubers, or all, or whatever you’re feeling idc just let me know)

random song:

blog rate: /10

my friendship and love


probably a follow from me, if i don’t already follow you

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spring break ships


its my first night of spring break so im doing ships lets break it down

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send me your fav movie for an e3 (or other just ask) ship

an outfit

and an imagine if you ask im shit at imagines but i love u guys

you dont have to be following me (but itd be stellar if u did)

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Rates & Compliments & Ships


I’m super close to my next thousand so I am doing rates!!


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You will get:

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light up sketchers combined with heelys would be some next level shit 

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blogrates, ships, fake tweets & fansigns oh wow



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